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A traditional welcome by local Maori on sacred mountain Titiraupenga. In recognition of the special relationship with Ahipara this location is exclusive to us. Working on a spiritual as well as a physical level, this is often a highlight of our clients' time in New Zealand. The full welcome, sharing session, walk and lunch takes at least half a day, with transportation taking another couple of hours. Most people take a whole day. This is an abbreviated 3 minute clip of the first welcome on this mountain which we put together for some top European travel agents.


Ahipara - what's in a name?

Ahipara - what's in a name?

Well, there's actually quite a lot to this one as I rediscovered when I explained it to one of the team.  Like many Maori words, it works on several different levels. The most obvious level is a place name.  Ahipara.  A lovely little town at the southern end of 90 Mile Beach way way up in remote Northland.  This unspoilt... read more

Truly Exclusive New Zealand

Truly Exclusive New Zealand

The man on the left is Andrei Kamenev, one of Russia’s most acclaimed photographers and a long-term National Geographic Russia professional.  The man on the right is Richard “Hannibal” Hayes, a few days before he was knighted.  Sir Richard is probably New Zealand’s most legendary helicopter pilot – 30,000... read more

We specialise in luxury tourism

We specialise in luxury tourism (6, 5 and 4+ star) focused on connecting you with New Zealand through special people, places and activities.  Truly special, authentic New Zealand holidays that you will remember for many years.  We don't just sell luxury accommodation.

What does this mean for you?

  • We understand, monitor, and have relationships with a wide variety of New Zealand accommodation, activity, and transport providers.  Some of these are commonly available, some are not.
  • We know who is performing, who isn't and what the latest changes of management mean.  We know this first-hand, not from the internet and not through other people
  • We regularly and consistently put together leading edge luxury tours of New Zealand for our clients from all around the world
  • Since we started in 2001, we have never once repeated an itinerary.  We welcome having to think and create for every single client.  Without exception.
  • We have the ability to create, innovate, and take things as far as you want. We don't just package what other people do
  • Every New Zealand luxury vacation starts with a blank sheet of paper as we build up our understanding of you.  We do not put together packages and then sell them to everyone as a "one size fits all"
  • We have for years been perfecting our ability to meaningfully connect our clients into the more important currents which define New Zealand.  You can see 15 years of articles in our News section 
  • Over the years we have built up access to some very special people and places
  • We have a true in-country concierge service - responsive, intelligent and effective
  • Our pricing is detailed and transparent

We're not just a booking agency - we're a global leader in innovative, personal, responsive and experiential tourism based in New Zealand.  This was rewarded in 2015 with Traveller Made's award for creating the finest experiences in the world.  This is a tough insider award where the finest agencies in the world vote confidentially.

We only promote and sell responsible animal encounters and most definitely have nothing to do with places which hold whales, dolphins or porpoises in captivity.  We work closely with special people in New Zealand who are the true guardians of our natural environment, which we hold very dear.